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On Tue, Dec 14, 2010 at 12:56 PM, Luca Olivetti<>  wrote:
Instead of speculating I actually tried.
I created a test database with the contents of my channels.conf (only
containing the number, name, frequency, source, symbol rate and the vpid, I
don't think adding all the fields would change the result considerably).

Why would you do a test and intentionally discard necessary data
fields?  If you're not going to run tests using _all_ the actual data,
don't bother.

Because, without indexes, sqlite will do a linear scan, so, e.g., doubling the data per record, will roughly double the time, and the double of "imperceptible" is "too little to notice". But that anyway would be offset by using indexes and optimizing the data types (e.g. in my query I used strings for parameters and source, and those are very inefficient, intentionally so, just to show that sqlite wouldn't be a bottleneck).


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