On 18/12/2010 14:33, Udo Richter wrote:
Am 17.12.2010 22:58, schrieb Pasi Juppo:
That said and with no disrespect to the author of vdr in my opinion it
starts to be a time to fork vdr and redefine its base + few other

Of course things can remain the same but will we ever see natively
implemented in vdr:
-_proper_ implementation of server-client solution (centralized records,
epg etc. without "hacks")
-good looking high res OSD
-good integration to XBMC or similar
-fully redefinable menu system
-channel specific configurability (epg...)
-native ATSC support
-several of the big patches integrated (long list) and configurable

If you want to go that way, you should start from scratch, as your
feature list requires rewrite of most of VDR anyway. Client-server
multihead for example requires to dump the whole OSD, menu, plugin and
skin system.

And don't expect this to be easy: Even if you have several good coders
with lots of spare time, things will take months to years to finish.

Good luck, I'll stay on VDR until then.

Instead of discouraging people, even if you are convinced that nobody can create something superior than what exist, you should encourage them.

So do I.

-- eric

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