Having pulled out my hair so far over the weekend, I have figured out,
that maybe, I need to change the ca field in channels.conf. After a scan
from dvbscan, it is set to 0, which appearantly means fta. Changing it
to 1 isn't a magical fix, but I think it is something that is needed?
After this however, I am kinda stuck. There is hardly anything to be
found on this subject and most/all info I find is about softcams and

Nobody has any pointer in the right direction to get VDR working with a
hardware cam?



On 12/17/10 22:21, Oliver Schinagl wrote:
>  And this time, with the log actually attached.
> On 12/17/10 22:18, Oliver Schinagl wrote:
>>  Ok, i found that i get the debugging from running vdr and piping it
>> output to a file. I removed the log serial numbers hopefully. I can't
>> see anything wrong though, i changed from fta, to encrypted channels and
>> back, also went through the cam menu while on the encrpyted channels.
>> Do I need to do anything with channels.conf to let it know i have
>> encrypted channels? I just piped the output from dvbscan to
>> channels.conf ...
>> oliver
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