I removed the pvrinput plugin and set the update to add new transponders on.
And after doing a new dvbscan vdr made it all worked. Incidently, my
smartcard is properly updated now too (in the log, it said somewhere
that the start/end dates was 1 jan 1990; those read reasonable values now.

In any case, with pvrinput, i had the xineliboutput setup that the OSD
was partially transparant and 'smooth'. Changing specific settings
(cropping, overscanning etc) made the menu be non-transparant and
extremly slow.

Before, I _think_ my FTA channels worked that way too, but now, I can't
seem to get the background to be transparant. I'm guessing I could
remove my xineliboutput settings, but i'm sure there's an easier way?

One other strange thing, in the DVB menu my dvb card is listed 2nd card.
If i change it to first, all goes away again. I guess the easy way is to
reset my config and start over :)

(For the next few months, I might want to keep my PVR somewhere highup,
channels 50+)

Anyway! I checked what my channels.conf said, and my CA or CA-ID (caid)
field was changed to B00. zap and i think my CAM menu mentioned that my
cam was 0x0b00. So VDR entered my CA to the Cam id. Hopefully google
will pick this up for anybody searching for this stuff sometime in the
future :)

On 12/18/10 22:18, Halim Sahin wrote:
> Hi, 
> Try the following:
> set in menu->settings->dvb
>  Update channels to  add new transponders
> then press ok.
> Then set the ca field to unencrypted and switch to that channel in vdr.
> Vdr should detect the ca field and change the vallue.
> HTH.
> Halim
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