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I've a media player that only understand srt subtitles, so I'm looking
for a way to extract the dvb subtitles from a vdr ts recording, and then
use some kind of ocr to convert it to srt.
I asked google and I came empty handed (many people asking the same
question with no working answer).


I found how to do it but it's way too cumbersom:

the cvs version of ProjectX supports HD subtitles, *but* the sup
exported subtitles aren't readable neither by suprip (not subrip!) nor
by BDSup2Sub, so I additionally export to sub format and use BDSup2Sub
to convert it to a valid sup, that can then be processed by suprip.

Both ProjectX and BDSup2Sup, being java programs, work under Linux, but
suprip is windows only.




I found a simpler (i.e scriptable) way: I wrote a simple python script that uses ProjectX (cvs version) to extract the subtitles from the ts file, BDSup2Sub to convert the subtitles to png images, ImageMagick's convert to improve the resulting images and finally gocr to convert the images to text.
It seems to work acceptably with recordings from the bbchd/bbcone-hd.
It's available here:

Both ProjectX and BDSup2Sub will spit a million warnings, but the final result is ok. As always YMMV.


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