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> Hello,
> I'd like to replace my VDR with Duron 1200, Skystar2 and GeForce4.
> I'm not particulary interested in HDTV but I'd like to prepare the new
> VDR for the future, even though I'm on a budget.
> I'd buy Skystar2-HD with a GeForce that supports VDPAU. Would you be so
> kind to tell me if the SS2-HD works OK?
> Also with VDPAU, but more importantly in the absence of it would any of
> these CPU be up to the task of processing: Athlon2 X3 450 3.2GHz and
> Pentium E6500 or E6700 3.0GHz.

I can't advise on those cpu's but I'm sure others on the list can.
I'd just like to mention that my experience using VDR and vdpau
together has been mostly successful.  _For me_, it has been stable
enough to recommend the setup to other users.  Also if I know I'm
going to use vdpau, I go for the cheapest cpu option available since I
know what to expect from vdpau performance-wise.  I have no worries
about it being able to handle whatever I throw it's way (currently
using GT240 cards which cost me about $40/each iirc).  The only
exception would be VC-1 material, which I don't have much of, but
again I think other users can chime in there.  Considering cost and
performance, I'll never even consider buying a dvb card with hardware
decoding again at this point.

As with anything computer related, YMMY.

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