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En/na Luca Olivetti ha escrit:

Yesterday I noticed that the timing offset is not fixed but depends on
the recording (e.g, with my previous experiments I hardcoded a 4
seconds delay for the bbc channels, while yesterday I needed a 2
minutes delay).
I don't know the cause of this offset (ProjectX or the crappy media
player of my tv) but the problem can be easily solved with Subtitles:

I now know the cause of the offset, but I don't know how to (easily) fix
it: Project-X for some reason (maybe a wrong option I gave?) doesn't
extract the pts from the video stream, so it doesn't synchronize the
subtitles to the video but it simply assumes the time starts with the
first subtitle.
If, e.g., the first subtitle appears 3 minutes into the recording, it
will get a timestamp of 0 seconds so it will show 3 minutes early.

These are the options I'm giving to Project-X (via its ini file):

Ok, I found there's an option to enable hd video demuxing (OptionPanel.enableHDDemux), *but* ProjectX crashes with it enabled, so I changed the script to use dvbsnoop to obtain the first pts of the video track and of the subtitles track, and use the difference as a time offset.

BTW: am I the only one needing this and/or wrestling with ProjectX to manipulate vdr recordings? I wasn't exactly overwhelmed with the replies...


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