Tobias Grimm wrote:
> Am Montag, den 10.01.2011, 08:49 +0100 schrieb Gero:
> > So how can I cut the recording without having to copy it to a new drive?
> Take the next step and do:

Thank you for the hint.  I'll try it.
> http://pastie.org/1390385
> (vdrcut source target 00:00:05.00 00:00:10.00)

I gave it a quick look, when you first posted it.
I have no idea about ruby, but when I found that  'mv' - stuff - I thought: no, 
that's not, what I was looking for - I try to avoid any 'mv' or 'cp'.

May be I got confused with that ruby stuff, so I try your hint.

kind regards


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