On Monday 10 January 2011 18:44:21 Tony Houghton wrote:
> I noticed a problem in VDR's EPG today, using vdradmin. The problem
> programme is "Malcolm in the Middle" at 18:00-18:25 on Friday 14/01/11
> on UK DVB-T ("Freeview") channel Fiver. When I click on the link for the
> programme description I get the details for the following programme,
> "Zoo Days", instead of Malcolm.
> I've tried deleting epg.data and restarting, but the same thing
> happened. But when I ran boxstard, which has EIT harvesting, that showed
> the correct details.
> Can any other UK VDR users confirm or deny this? I'm using 1.6.0-19.2
> from Debian unstable amd64, which is the stock source package
> of 1.6.0-19.1 to which I've added the Freesat patch.

No problem here, the behaviour of both programmes is as expected.

I'm using VDR 1.7.16 compiled for 64-bits with the vdrtva patch, and VDRAdmin-
AM 3.6.7.


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