First time I tried it, I started vdr, went into vdradmin from a browser and the new channels where not there. Check the conf and it was as I posted with only the numbers. I checked the log and it said nothing about deleting channels, only changing pids which it does all the time. It's never happy even with what it puts in.

This time I did the same thing. Put the same data in the conf, started vdr, only this time I checked the conf first. it has not changed. went to vdradmin, and new channels are missing. user.log says it deleted the channels this time, but the conf is unchanged after several minutes. Log from startup on is at:

The problem is these are NOT really the same channels. They are on different frequencies coming from different transmitters in different directions. It is the same station broadcasting from two different transmitters. We have 3 stations doing that, but the third is too weak atm because I don't have an antenna pointing to the secondary location. The primary location is on the tallest peak in the area and does get knocked out once in awhile from storms that ride the mountains. Which is why I'm trying to put the others in as backup channels.

On 1/9/2011 3:02 PM, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
On 09.01.2011 21:04, Timothy D. Lenz wrote:
Using vdr-1.7.15. 3 of the local networks have duplicate transmitters. 1
is a bit too weak get right now and because of a bug in atsc, I can't
rescan right now (crashes vdr, reported in another post). I pulled the
entries for the secondary transmitters for two of the networks from the
last scan I was able to make a few months ago. Added them back in, but
vdr promptly deletes them even though they are on different real channels.

When does VDR "delete" these channels?
My guess is it doesn't even "create" them when reading the channels.conf file.
Are there any related log messages when VDR starts?


These two channels have the same "channel id", namely A-0-215-3.
Since channel ids have to be unique, only one of them can prevail.
The same applies to the other channels.


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