Al 11/01/11 19:24, En/na Tony Houghton ha escrit:
Since my upgrade from VDR 1.6.0 to 1.7.16 I can't view my local ITV1
region (ITV1 Mer South) on Freesat. The EPG appears normal, but there's
no picture or sound. ITV1 is OK on Freeview, as is the London version on
Freesat. The log says:

Jan 11 18:07:57 htpc vdr: [10023] switching to channel 103
Jan 11 18:07:57 htpc vdr: [10023] setstatus 0
Jan 11 18:08:06 htpc vdr: [10027] frontend 0/0 timed out while tuning to
channel+ 103, tp 110891

The channels.conf entry (which I've checked is up-to-date) is:

ITV1 Mer

110891 is not the same as 10891.

BTW, this is my entry for it

ITV1 Meridian S;BSkyB:10891:HC56M2O0S0:S28.2E:22000:3336=2:3337=...@4:2344:0:10140:2:2053:0

I just checked and I can see and hear it, and I have one full week of epg (with the eepg plugin).

My VDR versions are now:

* vdr 1.7.16-1devel2 from Tobias Grimm's Debian sid repository.
* vdr-plugin-eepg 0.0.3-28yavdr1 built from yavdr's vdr-unstable deb

I'm also using vdr-1.7.16 and eepg-0.0.3 (both self compiled).


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