On 11/01/11 23:42, Luca Olivetti wrote:
Al 11/01/11 21:50, En/na Tony Houghton ha escrit:

BTW, this is my entry for it

ITV1 Meridian

Essentially the same as mine I think.

Well, yours is missing some of the parameters (i.e. it's missing the
M2O0S0), and the TID seems wrong (20+53 instead of 2053), so I doubt
that your entry has been auto updated by vdr.

None of my other channels have the M, O and S parameters either but they
work. If that is the cause I guess it's only the M that's important
without DVB-S2. I'll rewrite my script to include that.

The + got into my message by accident, I must have pasted it from vim
which uses + as a wrap indicator.

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