On 13.01.2011 13:31, Rolf Ahrenberg wrote:
> On Wed, 12 Jan 2011, VDR User wrote:
>> And you get VDR's full osd doing this?
> FYI, xineliboutput provides three different OSD implementations:
> xinelib, composite HUD, and opengl HUD. For example the composite HUD
> OSD is drawn directly onto transparent window located exactly over the
> (xine-lib powered) video window and therefore is completely independent
> from the actual video decoding library.

Maybe a dumb question, but does that mean, at least in theory, something
like XBMC could be extended to be able to talk to vdr-xineliboutout just
like vdr-sxfe does for example and also get the genuine VDR OSD and
render it over the video streamed from VDR? If yes, what are roughly the
things that have to be implemented? I'm asking because I'd like to be
able to access _full_ VDR functionality (like editing for example to
name just an important one) without leaving XBMC, which is not provided
by the current streamdev or VNSI addons in XBMC. That would give us
video decoding without xine-lib, a really nice UI and true unification
of both VDR and XBMC experiences. Of course, there also has to be a
functionality in the event system of XBMC which toggles control between
XBMC and VDR...


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