Am 14.01.2011 11:19, schrieb Laz:

change to TS). You have the softdevice built against vdr-1.7.16 in your
repository. Does this work properly or has it just that it compiles and
hasn't been widely tested?

I guess nobody tested it yet, including me. It doesn't contain any special patches for 1.7.16, so it will probably not work.

I also have another plugin which controls some LEDs hung of the parallel
port which light up when recordings are active, etc. (based on a plugin I
found years back which I'm pretty sure is no longer developed). How easy
is it to combine a single plugin built from source into a .deb based

As Steffen already answered, it's as easy as running
debianize-vdr-plugin. This works for most of the plugins and should at
least give you something, that can be easily tweaked.


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