I've avoided the noise problem by putting the VDR under the stairs
where it can make as much noise as it likes.  There it plugs in to a
X-VGA splitter/broadcaster which sends duplicate signals over CAT-5
to each TV, where another small STB converts the signal back in to
VGA.  I've also put Infrared extenders everywhere.  Result - a TV
with no other hardware visible: no cables, no equipment, nothing.
Just a TV on a wall bracket. Wife happy!

Does that work with HD without much quality compromise?

The VGA adapter I bought supports my TV which does 1366x768 just fine. It will also do 1920 resolution (I think) but my TV won't do that anyway.

Picture is perfect - no complaints. Only thing my setup won't do is different front ends - but I have no need to watch different things in different rooms.

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