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> On 19 January 2011 23:47, Tony
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> > I thought there was supposed to be a flag in MPEG meta
> data which
> > indicates whether pairs of fields are interlaced or
> progressive so
> > decoders can determine how to combine them without
> doing any complicated
> > picture analysis. Are broadcasters not using the flag
> properly [...]
> Broadcasters can't even get the EPG data correct.

In my limited experience, watching UK Freeview recordings made with VDR,
using Xines TVtime deinterlacer, with the progressive frame flag option
set, deinterlace is on all of the time including video derived from a
progressive film source, which is wrong.

I think it is safe to rely on this flag for deciding on whether to convert
colour space in fields or frames, but it seems it gives you no clues
whether to deinterlace or not.


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