On Wed, Jan 19, 2011 at 12:42:40PM +0000, Stuart Morris wrote:
> conversion and then draw the first field to the frame buffer. At the next
> vertical sync the shader would convert the second field and draw that to
> the frame buffer. With VDPAU is there a new OpenGL interop function that

that's not the whole story. You still have to consider synchronicity between
incoming data rate (TV-stream) and outgoing data rate (VGA/Video timing).

Want to say: VGA/Video timing must be dynamic at least in very small 
increments. AFAIK no graphics hardware support for this feature exists until

Greetings from my [1] project. I didn't proceed with it lacking more recent 
HDTV capable graphics hardware suitable for this idea.

- Thomas

[1] http://lowbyte.de/vga-sync-fields/vga-sync-fields/README

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