On Tue, 2011-01-25 at 09:53 +0000, Laz wrote:
> I've been following various threads over the past year or so exploring 
> various options for having a server-client vdr setup and it got me 
> thinking.
> I'm currently using a home-brew LIRC receiver attached to a serial port 
> which works perfectly. The ION-based boards look very nice as a vdr front 
> end (using xinelibout or some yet-to-be-written plugin!) because they can 
> do hardware HD decoding. However, I suspect a lot of these lack a serial 
> port so my simple LIRC receiver would be no good.

My Asus ION motherboard has a serial heading in the motherboard. I'm
using it for home brew serial LIRC receiver.

> What are others doing in this sort of situation? USB-based receiver (there 
> are a couple described at lirc.org), or do most of the ION boards still 
> have a serial header (must admit, not looked into this properly yet!)?

I used for a while a USB-BT dongle plus PS3 Blu-Ray remote with that ION
mobo. RF was pretty robust & snappy compared to IR. See


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