Am 25.01.2011 16:38, schrieb JJussi:
> Is this bug or feature.  *(VDR 1.7.15)*
> You select Menu - Recordings - (select one record) - press "Delete"-button.
> 1. System asks, do you want to delete recording
> 2. you don't press enter, just let that query be on the OSD
> 3. after 60 seconds, vdr-thread restarts...

Normally, VDR waits for 10 seconds, then cancels the question. Thats how
it works for me.

Generally, if VDR displays a message or question in the status line, the
VDR main thread is frozen for that time. If the question is displayed
longer than the watchdog timeout, VDR restarts.

The question is, why does the delete question wait for more than 60
seconds for you...



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