I'm coming to you again with a character set problem.

I've been happily using various versions of VDR for several years now.
Yesterday I took the plunge and updated the system to 1.7 - mainly
because e-tobi.net deb repository had been updated already a while
ago, and I felt things were running all too smoothly :P

Well, it was somewhat of a surprise, but everything seems to be
working correctly, the only thing that needed changing was fixing the
port for vdradmin.

However, there's a teensy issue with the OSD: it looks like its
characters are in UTF-8, when the system is ISO-8859-1.

Some info on the system:
Debian squeeze running on AMD64
VDR 1.7.16-2~ctvdr1 running on server, output on another machine
Using xineliboutput (1.0.6+cvs20110105.1949-1) to get things going.

Telnet into SVDRP claims the system is running on ISO-8859-1. The
frontend system has LANG set to fi_FI@euro which should be

Checking any information from vdradmin-am (recording names, EPG etc)
shows them correct (and charset on the web page is ISO-8859-1), on OSD
the characters are broken.

I have no idea why that happens. I probably have some conflict
somewhere somehow, but if someone knows what's going on, I'd be
grateful for some pointers.

 Sami Sundell

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