I tried "options bttv video_nr=17 vbi_nr=17".
It works fine.

Thank you.

Remains to solve the 1 trouble, playing dvb-t.

Best regards.

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> bttv0: registered device video0
> bttv0: registered device vbi0

> And yet. If I try use Avertv a761 and PRV 150 with pvrinput plugin, I have
vdr crash:

  It seems that the driver for your a761 registers also an analog video
  pvrinput tries to open it and sends a VIDIOC_QUERYCAP to determine if it's
a device it can handle.
  But the driver don't like it...

  A dirty workaround would be to add the option "video_nr" and "vbi_nr" to
your bttv-module (look at "modinfo bttv") and 
set the number to something greater than 16. pvrinput will only test the
first 8 video-nodes (see global.h in its source 
if it's modified).

  The right way is to look into the driver and test it if it crashes when
you send the ioctl mentioned above.


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