>> However, there's a teensy issue with the OSD: it looks like its
>> characters are in UTF-8, when the system is ISO-8859-1.

> The finnish translation file is nowadays in UTF-8 (as most of the Linux
> distributions), but gettext should handle the charset conversion
> automatically. Somehow this conversion seem to fail on your system.

Just to note, it's everything in the OSD. So it's not only the texts
that are part of the Finnish translation, but also the texts that are
coming from EPG, and the names of the recordings, as well.

Looking at, for example, epg.data file, the contents are in
ISO-8859-1, so it seems that something's actively converting
everything to UTF-8. The problem might be in my two-machine setup
where something happens between the systems... I'll have to try and
check a bit more, what could be the problem.

 Sami Sundell

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