Hi list,

I've uploaded the final patch version of the h.264 NALU fill removal for
VDR 1.7.16.

The patch deletes NALU fill data from h.264 streams while recording. The
overall stream structure isn't modified, only complete TS packets of
NALU fill data are dropped. On HD TV channels that use fixed video
bandwidth, this can save 40-60% file size without loosing any data.

The patch must be enabled at settings -> recordings, and can be
activated/deactivated individually for each recording by adding the
keyword NALUDUMP or NALUKEEP to the recording name.

Also available is the standalone tool that processes ts files. The new
version uses the same buffering as the patch, and should otherwise
produce identical output compared to the 0.0.1 tool.

Get it at:
http://www.udo-richter.de/vdr/naludump.html    (de)
http://www.udo-richter.de/vdr/naludump.en.html (en)



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