I just released a new version of the remotetimers plugin on

The new version includes some minor bugfixes plus the following new features:

* By renaming a recording, it may now also be moved to a different filesystem
by a background task. You can limit the bandwidth used for copying in the
plugin setup. 
* The plugin offers several service calls to other plugins which are already
used by "yaepghd-0.0.3-ce"

- Improved German translations
- Updated Italian translations (thanks to Diego Pierotto)
- Default server port is now 0, i.e. taken from svdrpservice
- Fixed missing timer markers when opening the Schedule for the first time
- Implemented moving recording to a different filesystem with optional
  bandwidth throttle
- Cutting from menu failed for PES recordings since VDR 1.7.3 due to missing
  parameters to cMarks::Load
- Moving recordings into folders named ' ' failed or caused unexpected
  results as VDR's text input control strips trailing whitespace. Now 
  folder ' ' is assumed when renaming a recording and the name ends with
  the folder delimiter character
- Don't rename a recording if the user completely wiped out the name
- Added service interface for operating on timers
- Updated MainMenuHooks patch to v1.0.1

Have fun!

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