I'm currently experiencing two problems with vdr 1.7.16-1devel2.

The first problem is that if I fast forward or rewind, when I return to
normal playback the stream resumes from wherever I started the ff/rew
instead of where I stopped it. That's with vdr-sxfe on remote clients,
I'm not sure whether it does the same if the client is on the same PC as

The second problem is a memory leak. It's not too bad, but I have to
restart VDR about twice a week to make sure there's no swapping and
plenty of memory free for caching on a 2GB x86_64 system.

As well as xineliboutput I'm also using the eepg and remote plugins. All
from Tobias Grimm's debian repository.

Are these known problems, perhaps fixed in a later release of "upstream"

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