during my tests with eventlircd I noticed that the up key of my remote
didn't work with vdr, but with xbmc. I debugged vdr and stumbled above
the line lirc.c:89 (not vanilla sources):

         if (ready && ret > 21) {

Lirc sends this to vdr: 

        "67 0 KEY_UP devinput"

So this key gets ignored, all other key have longer names and are
working. Solution seems to be easy. Instead of 21 I could use 19, but
with inputlircd I get this string for the same key: 

        "67 0 KEY_UP event7"

It would get ignored again.

What is the intention for this condition: 

        ret > 21? 

Is it to make sure to not get garbage from lirc? But why 21 chars? What
would be a better length, or a better check?


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