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- attach/detach devices
- set device on idle
- GetTSPacket timeout
It is possible to set a 'GetTSPacket' timeout on the devices. If a
device delivers no data for some time it can be automatically
detached. This is intended for devices which has known unstable
drivers. After detaching such a device a script is started so the
driver can be reloaded and the device can be attached again to the vdr
(this could happen on its own if the created frontend is signaled by
It avoids restarts of vdr and interrupting recordings on other devices.

Thanks for that !
I'll be trying your patch this week end !
This is probably one of my most wanted vdr feature and it sounds like
you've just implemented it :)

 Cool, nice to hear! :)

questions :
- have you considered changing the way vdr detects adapter on startup ?
   for instance vdr won't detect /dev/dvb/adapter1 if
   /dev/dvb/adapter0 does not exist. this might happen when using udev
   rules and restarting vdr while a module isn't loaded

If all devices are loaded after the start of vdr every device will be attached regardless of its adapter nr. But if it gets initialized before the startup it might get overseen (which might be intended by some users). I'll think about some kind of udev-device-enumration at startup.
 BTW the -D argument of vdr is ignored for now - have to implement that as well.

- what about being able to use aliases like /dev/dvb/dvb_s2_card_one
   with the -D arg ? (tho it's not really important)

- what about a github tree of vdr with your patch already applied ?

 Maybe - shouldn't be too bad. :)


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