On 20.03.2011 21:07, Udo Richter wrote:
Am 20.03.2011 13:31, schrieb Klaus Schmidinger:
On 20.03.2011 12:46, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
I have attached a patch that implements this.
Would this be ok?

Sorry, there was a line missing that makes sure the initial load
takes place. Attached is a revised version of the patch.

You're too fast for me.... :D

I like the general idea, but I have some points about it:
- Disappearing marks or replacing marks by older versions is not detected.

Ok, that would be the

  if (LastModified != lastFileTime)

change, agreed.

- Double updates within one second may get lost.
- I don't think that it hurts to poll every 10 seconds, so IMHO we can
drop the 3600s check.

I'd still like to phase that out, because for such old marks files
it just doesn't make sense to poll them any more.

- When in pause mode with the progress bar on OSD, the OSD doesn't get
updated when the marks get reloaded.

After some iterations I've ended with the attached patch that fixes the
first two issues, and is less messy with lastFileTime. Any change of
file time will be detected, and the new lastChange covers cases where no
marks file is present. There's a small gap with the lastFileTime == t
check on NFS volumes with unsynced clocks, but thats another story.

The third point is a matter of taste, and the fourth is not that important.

Can you please rewrite your patch so that it keeps the original 'd'
variable? I liked the fact that the 'nextUpdate' variable was incremented
in *one* place, and not in several places. Made the whole thing more
transparent to me. Besides, I could then see what you have *actually*
changed ;-)


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