Sorry for the noise, because:

when learning lirc i havn't pressed the colors vdr wanted to be
pressed, i pressed them from left to right. Afterwards, when switching
the colors of the on-screen buttons, i thought only the color but not
the positions of the on screen buttons get changed.

When pressing the correct color buttons while learning, everything is
ok. But i don't want this because then jumping +/- 1 minute while
watching a recording are not on the middle color keys.

All i would like to have is that only the color on the on-screen
buttons changes.

2011/3/29 Rainer Blickle <>:
> I will take a look on it
> 2011/3/29 Oliver Schinagl <>:
>> I've never heard of that plugin before, and don't have it as such, so no
>> idea how it goes wrong.
>> Can you more closely describe how it goes wrong? From the description, I
>> think they implement their own additional 'skin' and thus the plugin
>> would have to be ported aswel.
>> On 03/29/11 10:00, Rainer Blickle wrote:
>>> I've tried the patch and it worked at the first glance. But with the
>>> plugin Extrecmenu there are problems with the color keys. So i rolled
>>> back the patch.
>>> 2010/10/19 VDR User <>:
>>>> On Tue, Oct 19, 2010 at 12:16 AM, Oliver Schinagl <> 
>>>> wrote:
>>>>> Nobody has any comment at all? :)
>>>>> I haven't found an issue as of yet running this for weeks now on my own 
>>>>> VDR.
>>>>> I must say, it is nice to have the color order of the buttons match my
>>>>> remote :)
>>>> The color arrangement already matches all of my remotes so I don't
>>>> have any use for it.  However, because I think it's useful to other
>>>> users since a lot of remotes have a different color order, I'll help
>>>> test it if you provide a VDR-1.7.16 compatible patch.  That's my only
>>>> condition as I'm not willing to downgrade my VDR boxes for this.
>>>> If your patch made it into VDR and there are any plugins which use
>>>> position to relate functions as you described (for example, right most
>>>> key=ffwd) then maybe there also needs to be some mechanism for plugins
>>>> to know which key is where (if there isn't one already).  After VDR
>>>> has been programmed for red/green/blue/yellow keys, then it can
>>>> associate something like color1/color2/color3/color4 to the color
>>>> order.
>>>> Another thought is that VDR is supposed to get a truecolor OSD upgrade
>>>> so we'll finally be able to have a great looking (HD) interface to use
>>>> VDR with.  Maybe the functionality of your patch is something Klaus
>>>> has already considered during that upgrade.  That's only speculation
>>>> however but worth asking I think.
>>>> Regards.
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