2011/3/30 Oliver Schinagl <oli...@schinagl.nl>:
> I belive that is exactly only what this patch does, it changes the
> positions on the screen for the ST-NG theme I think (it's been a while I
> admit).
> So if VDR is told that the red button performs the job of the red
> button, then everything is ok.
> To recap, the problem I had with VDR that caused me to write this patch,
> was:
> My Remote control had 2 buttons different from where VDR expected the
> buttons to be. E.g. VDR wants Red Yellow Green Blue, but my remote
> control was Red Yellow Blue Green.
> So in the end, this patch works for you and does what you want? Or is
> your remote layed out as VDR expects it?

I would say better "patch" your remote. A sharp knife and a
screwdriver might be quite effective and will fix the problem also for
the next vdr releases ^^



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