2011/3/30 Steffen Barszus <steffenbpu...@googlemail.com>:
> 2011/3/30 Oliver Schinagl <oli...@schinagl.nl>:
>> I belive that is exactly only what this patch does, it changes the
>> positions on the screen for the ST-NG theme I think (it's been a while I
>> admit).
>> So if VDR is told that the red button performs the job of the red
>> button, then everything is ok.
>> To recap, the problem I had with VDR that caused me to write this patch,
>> was:
>> My Remote control had 2 buttons different from where VDR expected the
>> buttons to be. E.g. VDR wants Red Yellow Green Blue, but my remote
>> control was Red Yellow Blue Green.

My remote has the color order Yellow, Red, Blue, Green (only an
example, i dont have the remote at hand). Lets say the buttons are
Button0, Button1, Button2, Button3

When learning, vdr wants the keys Red,Yellow, Green, Blue to get pressed.

In the vdr layout Button0 is Red, Button1 is Yellow and so on ...
while watching a recording vdr jumps 1 minute in the past when
pressing yellow and one minute in the future when pressing green.
These are the "middle" color buttons.

I also wanted to have this functionality in the "middle" buttons (on
the buttons 1 and 2).

So i pressed the Buttons Yellow, Red, Blue, Green while learning
Red,Yellow, Green, Blue. Then i have the jumping +/-1 Minute
functionality still on the middle color buttons.

The only thing left is that the color on the osd has to be adjusted,
but not the positions of the text on it. If have dont this by
modifying your patch (the texts for ->DrawText are taken directly from
the parameters, not from the mapping).

My (and perhaps only my) opinion is that vdr should request the
leftmost color button, then the color right next to it (and so on)
while learning. The color displayed in the osd should be assigned via
the setup menu.

@Klaus: If there is a change to integrate this into the vdr, i would
provide a patch for it.

>> So in the end, this patch works for you and does what you want? Or is
>> your remote layed out as VDR expects it?
> I would say better "patch" your remote. A sharp knife and a
> screwdriver might be quite effective and will fix the problem also for
> the next vdr releases ^^

This would be a real good solution, but i dont want to void my warranty :-)

> Steffen
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