> That's definitely not true.  I have about 8 different remotes and at least 
> half don't use that button order.  In addition, not every remote has color 
> buttons 4 in a row.  Plenty of them make a square around other buttons such 
> as 'ok/enter' for example.

Oliver Schinagl:
> I wasn't aware that the order of buttons was standarized on remotes


Well, could be that not all remotes for each pinchy device might provide color 
keys at all or in this order. But if they are somehow TV oriented, they follow 
this order in a global manner, even the M$ ones, if they have colored keys.

You want an evidence? Just check out the universal remotes form the big three 
manufactures, Philips, Logitech & One-for-All, if the devices do offer colored 
keys, the order is RGYB, nothing left, nothing right, and you should really ask 
yourself, why?

And, the most important point, global standard or not, it has been defined as 
standard in VDR a century ago, and this is a fact.


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