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> The RGYB color enumeration is defined in the video teletext standard and 
> every TV/STB set implementing the teletext feature DOES use the 
> mentioned color button order. I guess the teletext is used mainly in 
> Europe, so there might be different conventions elsewhere, but the VDR 
> is a STB for DVB standard that documents the teletext too.
> IMO, you really should switch the OSD button colors in skin plugins 
> instead of patching the core VDR. There will be some glitches with 
> learning the remotes, but these can be fixed with some extra 
> documentation (Press 'Red/leftmost color' button). These remotes with 
> "wrong" color button orders are really a small minority here mainly 
> targeted to some odd mediacenters or PS3 - at least here in the northern 
> Europe.

It isn't true that only very obscure and trashy remotes have the buttons
in the wrong order. I've got a Sony TV where the colours are arranged in
a sort of cross layout with green above blue and red and yellow at the
sides. It's a good quality remote that I think was used with a number of
different models of Sony TV set and it was definitely designed to
support teletext.

I've got another remote with the wrong order which came with a KWorld
DVB card bought from Maplins, a major high street electronics chain.
That remote isn't really usable with VDR anyway though, because the
colours are also play, pause, stop and record. I suppose they didn't
think that people would use teletext or MHEG while watching a recording,
and there is no standard for the way that VDR uses the colours. I can't
use the remote that came with my other card (Hauppauge) because the
current kernel/DVB drivers aren't compatible with it (for at least the
2nd time in hstory). So I'm making do with a wireless keyboard until
that's fixed.

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