I wonder who is actually calling cRecordingInfo::Read(FILE *f) with
a NULL pointer? In VDR's own code all calls to that function are
made sure to get a non-NULL pointer:

Yes, the real reason is in the vdrrip plugin that I cloned from

It has this kind of code which always assumes that info file always exist.

void cMovie::setLengthVDR() {
        char *infoFile = NULL;
asprintf(&infoFile, "%s%s", Dir, OldRecording ? "/info.vdr" : "/info");
        dsyslog ("[vdrrip] reading recording info %s ",infoFile);
        cRecordingInfo *crec = new cRecordingInfo(Dir);
        FILE *f = fopen(infoFile, "r");
        if (crec->Read(f)) {

I just thought that it would be good to fix that in vdr code also.
But I think putting the metod now private will also quarantee NULL pointer check :-)


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