Your theory that the RGYB color scheme is a worldwide standard with only cheap 
obscure non-media remotes being 'non-compliant' has already been thrown out the 
window.  I don't know why you think pasting a link to an Italian website can 
somehow resurrect the dead theory.  Btw, no link you ever paste will outweigh 
what color scheme people see on their physical remotes.  If you want to argue 
about it further then contact Panasonic, Sony, and your friends at Logitech to 
start with.

Well, that's a claim.

It's not just any italian URL, this is the main page of the inventor and 
license holder for "TOP Teletext". This is the company where all manufacturer 
do pay their license fees to, if their TV set do provide this function. The 
invention of T(able) O(f) P(ages) Teletext brought us the colored keys on TV 
remotes 25 years ago, not surprisingly in the order R(ed) G(reen) Y(ellow) 

Fifteen years later, Klaus adopt these common keys and standardized this order, 
RGYB, for his awesome and incredible solution VDR, as they are anywhere 
available, except on some trashy ones ...


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