On 09.04.2011 19:03, Daniel Harris wrote:

I am currently experiencing picture pixelation when watching the BBC
HD station.  I have tried changing the position of the dish

Can you watch a recording of that channel?

I had big trouble recently with ARD HD and ZDF HD which worked good until recently. My suspect where trees that are growing in the line of sight to the satelite and getting greener (more water). I tried to adjust the dish and today I replaced it with a bigger one. Lots of work, no success :-(

Now I found out that I can record those HD channels perfectly well. I can at the same time record those two HD channels and at the same time watch any of the two recordings clearly!
But I can not watch them live????!!!!

> I would appreciate any help in fixing this.



cineS2 Dual-Tuner
Ubuntu 10.4, vdr 1.7.16, vdr-sxfe with vdpau

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