I'm now running one vdr instance with 4 dvb devices.
One device is crashing quite often and I haven't find a way to
automatically detect when it's crashed. (vdr used to issues "unknown
picture type message in the past)

I'd like to prevent vdr from using it for recordings.
Do you know of any plugin or patch that help achieving this ?

Ideally I'd love to be able to set priorities and properties to
Something like:
device #1: can_record, can_do_epg_scan, can_do_liveview, devprio=100
device #2: can_record, can_do_epg_scan, can_do_liveview, devprio=90
device #3: can_do_liveview, devprio=10

Is there a way for plugins to alter *cDevice::GetDevice behavior ?
Are there any plans on that matter ?


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