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I'm now running one vdr instance with 4 dvb devices.
One device is crashing quite often and I haven't find a way to
automatically detect when it's crashed. (vdr used to issues "unknown
picture type message in the past)

If you're not seeing anything useful to your VDR log to determine if
the card has crashed, you may want to look at dmesg to see if
something in there could be used.

Some years ago vdr was reporting the bad picture types when they
occured. Now i've got no means to detects them on the server (neither
in vdr logs nor in kernel messages)

vdr-sxfe output complains it can't demultiplex the stream, but that
won't work when I'm away and nobody's watching tv. That won't prevent
vdr from using the bad card.

My question still remains :)
I don't mind patching vdr (changing getdevice or something else).
If there's no existing patch or plugin, could you give me some
input on what to change to prevent vdr from using one card for
recordings and epg scans ?

You could start by patching the function

  cDevice *cDevice::GetDevice(const cChannel *Channel, int Priority, bool 

But wouldn't it be better to just replace that faulty
device altogether?


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