On 2011.04.19. 20:18, Roland Behme wrote:

"There are no artifacts while zapping around. The picture turns black,
returns and that's it. On 1080i channels there is sometimes a still
picture for 0.5 seconds, but afterwards the picture gets fine again
Zapping intervals are around 1-2s from HD to HD and below 1s from HD/SD
to SD channels.
Moving fast forward and backwards in recordings is working flawlessly
including moving the cut-marks, sometimes there are a few block artifacts.
All in all it feels 'rock stable'. The picture is upscaled to 1080i and
looks much better than on eHD (Reel)."

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for this translation, this is exactly what I was looking for. (well, I can use google translate, but ...). So all I need to do is to wait for the card, as I preordered it about a year ago and it looks like, it will fits my needs.


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