On 20 April 2011 03:18, Roland Behme <r...@nugman.de> wrote:
>> What I would like to know: with the new S2-6400 card does VDR works as
>> rock solid as worked with FF DVB-S cards?
>> This means for me:
>> - OSD and remote are working instanly
>> - even if I'm watching a HD playback, fast forward (and backward) works
>> as expected
>> - output device does not crash
>> - I can leave the whole system to work for weeks and to be operated by
>> my family, and it always will work as expected (as a VDR + FF DVB-S
>> combo does)
> Well, it might be a little early to answer these questions thoroughly
> since the very first cards reached the end-users yesterday, but the
> first comments sound quite promising. According to this post[1] by
> "spitzb", the card seems to work quite well. Here's a brief translation:

Would be handy with a dual tuner DVB-T version.


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