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> On Wed, Apr 20, 2011 at 10:34 AM, Udo Richter <> wrote:
>> Thats probably because you need at least an 2GHz P4 to boot windows and
>> a virus scanner nowadays.
> I seriously doubt virus scanners have anything to do with anything.
> That seems more trying to take a cheap jab at Windows then anything
> else.

My work PC is an Core 1 Duo 1.8GHz running XP. The PC boots to desktop
in roughly a minute, but is not usable for another 2 minutes due to high
CPU and disk load by McAfee virus scanner. (I use SysInternals Process
Explorer to monitor.) Also, every day at 10 I cannot do anything CPU or
disk hungry for 1-2 minutes because McAfee does its signature update.
You really notice that, even without the sudden increase in fan noise.

Just recently I've upgraded the machine from 1.5Gb to 3Gb RAM with
noticeable speed improvements. (Visual Studio 2010 is a huge memory
hog!) Back when XP was released, it was working with 128Mb RAM, and was
well equipped with 256Mb RAM. The OS is still the same...



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