Am 21.04.2011 21:01, schrieb VDR User:
> I can't believe a dvb card vendor sets their minimum requirements
> based on things such as McAfee loads.  It would be absurd to do so.

Probably not that specific, but they have to calculate an average OS
with average software running on it, and for a Windows 7 + basic
software, the hardware needs are not much different.

> Btw, I used XP as well for many years.  However, my boot times were
> never more then 30 secs.  However, I've never bothered running virus
> scanners or anything like that unless I ran into an actual problem
> (<10 times since win95), in which case I ran one and then exited the
> app - never left one running full-time.

Corporate network, and lots of USB sticks and USB HDDs moving around.
Virus scanner is an absolute must have...

> My XP boxes all had 1GB or
> 2GB or ram.  XP + 2GB + VS6 worked great.  I may have also used VS2005
> at one point but not since then.  Is VS2010 really that much of a
> resource hog??

I've seen it hogging 1GB of RAM while compiling an medium sized project,
3-4Mb zipped sources. VS08 also takes its part, but VS10 takes more,
especially if intellisense and compiler run in parallel. The new IDE is
worth it however.



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