On 20.04.2011 20:20, John Klimek wrote:
It looks like my DVB provider is broadcasting incorrect EIT
information.  The SIDs listed are correct but the ONID and TSID are

Can VDR ignore the ONID/TSID and match EIT information solely on the SID?

Would this be hard to patch?

It looks like eit.c would need to be modified so it can retrieve a
channel based on SID.

Currently it calls Channels.GetByChannelID(getOriginalNetworkId(),
getTransportStreamId(), getServiceId());

Would it require anything besides adding a Channels.GetBySIDOnly()
function and using that instead?

There's one way to find out ;-)

However, this would probably only work if all your channels come from
that one provider. As soon as other channels with correct data are
involved, you couldn't distinguish them any more if they use the
same SIDs.

Have you tried contacting your DVB provider about this?


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