On 2011-04-28 22:51, Marco Göbenich wrote:

In a very old installation of vdr I used the autotimer plugin to
generate some timers as following:
Search in EPG of channel 1 (ARD) for Tagesthemen and create a timer for
that with the title "ARD Tagesthemen 2230-2300". the timevalues where
evaluated from EPG.

While autotimer does not work anymore, I tried epgsearch and read the
manual, but I think this is not possible at this moment.
Would be a nice feature: Something like title = ARD Tagesthemen
%starttime%-%endtime% and maybe some more variables as in the EPG menu

This can be done using epgsearch by adding a search entry and activating "Use as search timer" with Action: Record and then defining the desired title to Directory as something like %chsh% %title% %time%-%timeend%. Available variables can be found in epgsearch manual at http://winni.vdr-developer.org/epgsearch/en/epgsearch.4.html#10__customizing_the_epg_menus


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