in Jaunary I asked your suggestions for hardware capable of doing DVB-S2 
and HDTV to replace an old setup. Based on your helpful responses I 
decided to use:

Ascrock M3AUCC
AthlonII X3 455
Nvidia GT240
2x SkyStar HD2 ( mantis works good, but no RC)

I worked on my VDR 1.6 setup for many years with liemikuutio patches,
text2skin themes, externalplayer plugin launching Oxine... so I
decided to replicate that setup first, and it all works great again.

Reason I haven't tried VDR 1.7 yet, and that I'm here again, is the 
GT240 graphics. I could only obtain a 512MB model, which I did even 
though the supplier said it will be no good for HD on a 107cm LCD TV. 
Was he trying to sell me more expensive graphics, or that actually makse 
sense? Thanks.

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