Hi André,

On 5 May 2011 14:10, André Weidemann <andre.weidem...@web.de> wrote:
> Thank you very much for those logos.

My pleasure!

> Currently I am using the anthra-HD skin and wanted your logos to blend in.
> Therefore I wrote a little skript to create them. All that is required is
> "convert" from the ImageMagick package and of course "git" to check out the
> logos.
> Simply download the tgz from here:
> https://ilpss8.dyndns.org/~andrew/convert-to-liquid-logo.tgz
> Unpack the archive into your working directory and run:
> convert-images/convert-to-liquid-logo.sh
> The logos can then be found inside the directory liquid-logos4anthra_HD.

Excellent! Thank you for writing this script. I'll test them tonight
with anthra.

One question, did ImageMagick work successfully for you when resizing
the svg images? I had problems where it would seemingly render a
bitmap at the default dpi of the svg and then do a lossy resize of
that to the new dimensions. Ideally I'd want it to do a lossless
resize of the svg first, before rendering the png.

Best regards,

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