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Henning Pingel <> wrote:
I would like to offer to you to open up an English language community forum on our yaVDR board located at [1]. This board is currently mostly used by our development team for internal discussions,
so there is not much to see there for external visitors yet.

I'd be interested. But I wonder whether it would be appropriate to allow discussion of UK specifics in other software too eg mythtv. Ultimately
VDR doesn't quite suit my needs due to its poor support for viewing
across a network, while mythtv's setup tool always makes me give up in disgust. That's why I started boxstar, but it might be a very long time
before it becomes usable in its own right.

Hi Tony,

I actually didn't know about boxstar until now. Thanks for pointing that out to me!

In an ideal world there would be a forum with section for VDR and MythTV, boxstar, TVHeadend and applications like Kaffeine, etc. This is IMHO really needed as an orientation for people who want to use Linux as a PVR.

IMHO the focus of a sub-forum hosted on would be on VDR (and not necessarily yaVDR). And this is also for the reason that the people offering the forum should have some clue about the topics within the forum and we (the yaVDR team) don't have expert knowledge about non-VDR PVR projects like MythTV. On the other hand, I would love to see somebody experienced creating detailed comparison tables for VDR, MythTV, boxstar, TVHeadend and so on. Because every new user wants orientation on his way to the right linux-based TV application.

But if you open up a forum focussed on "Linux-based PVRs in the UK" we would join your forum and open up a yaVDR section in there. ;-)

The underlying reason for offering a forum for me is my hope that the quality and amount of developer related and end-user related documentation available regarding VDR might improve (especially the English language documentation which is IMHO behind the German language documentation). This might be a very idealistic hope based on my view that structured documentation written by the users of an open source product might come into existence easier if a forum is in place. So my main goal would be to offer a place that motivates people to collect documentation in a structured way. A Wiki could replace a forum but I don't know if a Wiki works without a community behind it.

In the German language it is the case sometimes that the same questions get asked and answered over and over again because they are not documented (or they are documented but hidden in a heap of unstructured documentation).


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