Am 13.05.2011 01:49, schrieb Dominic Evans:
> For example, currently if I want to watch two or three recordings one
> after another, I go to recordings menu, play 1 till end, hit back
> (returning me to recordings menu), play 2 till end and so on. Each
> time I go back to the recordings menu to choose the next recording,
> I'm forced to see and hear whatever happens to be showing at that time
> on the last channel tuned, even when it has no interest to me...

I know similar situations where I don't want to have live TV, for
example if this would tune to problematic channels (streamdev client) or
would interrupt other receivers.

Another good solution to this would be a real 'dummy' device, a
receiving device that permanently receives a still picture, and that
would be assigned to a free channel number. This would also be nice for
a playback-only VDR without receiving devices, to avoid the frequent
'channel not available' messages.

I've once tried to write such a plugin, however these attempts were
missing some code to turn a single mpeg still frame into an endless
sequence with proper time codes.



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