On 05/21/11 16:23, Gerald Raaf wrote:
Am Samstag, den 21.05.2011, 16:08 +0200 schrieb Klaus Schmidinger:
On 05/21/11 16:01, Gerald Raaf wrote:
hi Klaus

i have the following problem, i've updated my vdr server from 1.7.16 to
the new version 1.7.18. If i record "Sky Cinema" or any other Sky HD
channel the information for frames per second in info file is different
to 1.7.16 (ok you changed this behavior in 1.7.17)

Sky HD recording (1080i)
- original index and info with "F 50" line. Cutting marks can be moved,
but output isn't refreshed. Fast forward/backward works without

- recreate index (1.7.18) with "F 25"/"F 50" in info and without info,
works same index file as with 1.7.16. cutting marks can be moved. Fast
forward/backward works without artifacts. Generated index has half of
size then orginal one.

HD with 720p like "Das Erste HD" or "ZDF HD" is ok. With old recordings
from 1.7.16 i have to regenerate index file as you described in HISTORY

Hello Gerald,

I'm afraid I don't see where exactly your problem is...
Can you be more specific?


Hi Klaus,

i set a cutting mark, it isn't exactly where it should be so i want to
move it with key "4" or "6", i can see that the mark move but output on
TV isn't updated you always have the picture where i've set the first
after recreating the index file everthing works as expected. The
recreated index file has only half of size from orignal created.

I thought Sky broadcasts 1080i with 25fps and not 50fps. So the
generated index/info files from this recordings are wrong.

Regenerating the index file doesn't modifiy the 'info' file of the
recording. Maybe that's the problem here.

Is it ok for completely new recordings?

Does it work if you manually change the F record in the info file
to 25?


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