Has anyone seen something similar to this?

I have two unscrambled channels on the same MUX where both is watchable in Live-TV but only one is recordable. The other terminates vdr (video stream broken).

The MUX is f=522MHz, se_Gothenburg-BrudareMossen, channels TV4 and TV6.

After throwing tons of debug prints in recorder.c and remux.c, it seems for TV6 the cFrameDetector never gets to 'synced' state.

I am debugging with vdr 1.7.14, but yaVDR teams vdr 1.7.17 release has the same problem.

The relevant line in remux.c is:
#609: independentFrame = ((Data[i+2]>>3) & 0x07)==1;

For TV6 this '(Data[i+2]>>3) & 0x07' is 0,2 and 3
but not '1' for the 30s before recorder times out
and considers video stream broken.

For TV4 it gets to be '1' within a couple of seconds.

Any ideas or debug suggestions are welcome.


Johan Andersson, j...@jna.pp.se

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